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Date: Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Time: 9.45 - 15.30 (Registration from 9)

Venue: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9XR



Conference presentations.

The nature of many of these presentations makes them difficult to access for some readers. We apologise for this. If anything is of particular interest but cannot be accessed for any reason, please contact richard@wcb-ccd.org.uk to see if we can make an alternative version.

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Presentations and files.


Sustainability and climate change in Optometry:

Other resources

What patients can expect with eye care reform in Wales:


Vision rehabilitation: Are we in crisis?:


Clusters and Regional Partnership Boards:


Mental health and wellbeing:


Transformational change and new treatments for eye diseases:


2020 and 2021

No conference due to pandemic.


National Eye Health Week 2019 [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Owen Williams, Chair of Wales Vision Forum.

Ministerial Address [Audio mp3] Vaughan Gething AM, Minister for Health and Social Services.

Successes of the Eye Care Delivery Plan [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Fiona Jenkins, Chair, Wales Eye Care Steering Board.

Children's Eye Care – a young persons perspective on transition [Audio mp3] Niamh Williams.

Future of new medical technology. [Audio mp3] David O'Sullivan, Chief Optometric Advisor (COA).

Independent Prescribing and eye care training [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Tim Morgan, Optometrist and Vice Chair of Optometry Wales.

Future Developments in Eye Care and Working Relationships Professor Barbara Ryan, Chair of Welsh Optometric Committee [Audio mp3] Luke Anderson, Consultant Ophthalmologist (Swansea Bay UHB) [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3]

Future Developments in IT [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Fiona Jenkins, Chair, Wales Eye Care Steering Board; Lisa Gerson, Optometry Wales.

CMO Address [Audio mp3] Dr. Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer

Paper on Certificate of Visual Impairment [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Rebecca Bartlett, Clinical Low Vision Lead;

The importance of the CVI [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Ian Moran, Chair of Welsh Rehabilitation Officers Forum.

Dementia and Sensory Loss [Audio mp3] Ansley Workman, RNIB.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Patient Voice [Audio mp3] Zulfikar Ali, Shameem Hussein, Novelette Gordon.

SPECS [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Tim Palmer, Independent Optometry Advisor.

Day-to-day practice of Optometry and Preventative Measures through the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles [Powerpoint] [Audio mp3] Sali Davis, Optometry Wales.


Chair's introduction (MP3 audio)

Conference pack (MSWord)

National Eye Health Week - Owen Williams' talk (MP3 audio)

Wales Vision Strategy - Ansley Workman's talk (MP3 audio)

70 Year of the NHS - Chief Medical Officer's talk (MP3 Audio)

Wales Eye Care Services - Barbara Ryan's talk (MP3 audio); David O'Sullivan's talk (MP3 audio)

Children's School Vision Pathway Project (.pptx); Heather Payne and Rebecca Bartlett's talk (MP3 audio)

Update on Rehabilitation and Habilitation services in Wales (.pptx); Ian Moran's talk (MP3 audio); Jonathan Mudd's talk (MP3 audio)

Falls Prevention (.pptx)

Ophthalmology State of Nation (.pptx); Mike Austin's talk (MP3 audio)

Dementia and Sight Loss (.pptx)

Stroke and Sight Loss (.pptx); Matt O'Grady's talk (MP3 audio)

Vaughan Gething AM, Cabinet Secratary for Health and Social Services - Vaughan Gething's talk (MP3 audio)

Together for Health (.pptx); Fiona Jenkins' talk (MP3 audio)

Chair's closing remarks (MP3 audio)


Conference programme (pdf)

Opening address - Fiona Jenkins

Qualified Teacher for the Visually Impaired/Habilitation - Sarah Hughes, Adrian Linney

Identification of Children with Visusal Impairment - Rebecca John

Children's vision screening pathway - Nicola Turner

Prudent Eye Care and Clinical Prioritisation - Mike Austin, Dr Graham Shortland

Update on All-Wales Standards for Accessible Communication and Information for People withn Sensory Loss - Marcia Morgan, Tracey Good

Local Health Board updates for outcomes and accessibility:

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB

Aneurin Bevan HB

Cardiff and Vale UHB

Cwm Taf HB

Progress on the Wet AMD pathfinders service evaluation, Prof Rachel North

Outcomes from the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act and Population Needs Assessment - Mathew Xerri

Delivery Plan and Framework of Action and the outcomes and eccessibility issues and solutions for people who are deafblind - Andrew Tait.


UCAN Productions - videos on Getting Around, Disclosure, and Support.

Innovations in Eye Services - Fiona Jenkins

Developing the Workforce - Karen Phillips

Innovation in the DESW - Andrew Crowder

Innovation in Social Services - Tracy Martin-Smith

Local Health Board Pilot Projects:


Conference Pack [.pdf]

Integrated Health and Social Care - Lisa Dunsford [.docx]

Minority Ethnic Take-Up of Services - Nick Sheen [.pptx]

Prudent Health Care - Dr Ruth Hussey [.ppt]

The Role of the Rehabilitation Officer - Kathryn Greenwood [.pptx]

IT Optometric Connectivity - Andrew Griffiths [.pptx]

Smoking Cessation Services - Sali Davis [.pptx]

Reports from Regional Multi-Disciplinary Groups:


Statistical Summary of Ophthalmic Services in Wales [.pptx]

Special Schools Project in Wales [.pptx]

IT roll-out across Primary and Secondary Care in Wales [.ppt]

Patient Referral Pathways [.ppt]

WECS Triage [.pptx]

Public Awareness Campaign [.ppt]

Wales Vision Strategy Group Update [.pptx]

Eye Clinic Liaison Officer service in Powys [.pptx]

Partnership working [Existing plan pdf], [Amended Plan pdf]



A Clear Vision: Eye Care for Children and Young People in Special Schools in Wales - Nathan Davies

Addressing Sensory Loss in Registered Care Homes - Ansley Workman

Developments in Secondary Care - Chris Blyth

Enhanced Eye Care in Wales - a new service

Growing Up and Moving On - Elaine Kelleher

Growing Up and Moving On Report | Directory of Services

Learning Disability and Sight Loss - Jo Lawson

Next Steps for Wales - the Role of the Third Sector - Ceri Jackson with Julie Thomas, Ruth Nortie and Sharon Beckett

Preventive Medicine in Wales - Peter Ellwood

Together for Eye Health Care - Barbara Ryan

Wales Eye Care Service - Nick Sheen


London Project to Cure Blindness

Primary Care Optometry

Reducing Presentations to Social Care

Sight Loss and Depression

Vision Care Programme for Children and Young People



Visual Impairment and Falls. [Powerpoint presentation in four parts: 1, 2, 3, 4]

Rehab developments [Powerpoint presentation]

Developments within the Eyecare Sector [Powerpoint presentation]

Kirsty Williams wears the Sim Specs [audio mp3]