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About WCB.

Wales Council of the Blind is the umbrella agency representing vision impairment within Wales. We work to campaign, lobby and support the improvement of services for people with sight loss. [Read more...]

Latest news.

Period Proud Wales - Views of vision impaired people wanted

You might have heard of the term Period Poverty, but have you heard of Period Equity? The Welsh Government wants to change the silence, stigma and taboo about periods that have been the norm for too long. Everyone should be able to manage their periods with pride and the aim is to create a Period Proud Wales for all. To help this along, they are keen to understand the barriers that blind and partially sighted people face when managing periods.

They would like to know:

  • Is it difficult to manage periods when you have sight loss?
  • Is there enough accessible information around how to use period products?
  • Are there adaptations which would make managing periods easier?
  • Are there extra costs when you have sight loss?
  • How accessible are public toilets when trying to manage outside of the home?
If this is something that impacts you and you want to send through some answers to these questions or anything additional thoughts, please email by 26th April. This is a sensitive and personal topic so all feedback to Welsh Government will be anonymous and no personal details will be shared.

You can read more about Period Proud Wales on the Welsh Government website.

RNIB Cymru report reveals 'The Cost of Sight Loss in Wales'

A new report from RNIB Cymru reveals how cost of living increases have had a devastating effect on people with sight loss.

Based on responses to a survey and focus group meetings, 'The Cost of Sight Loss in Wales' shows how rises in unavoidable expenses such as taxis, lighting and support are causing genuine hardship to blind and partially sighted people. The report includes a list of measures that Welsh Government and Local Authorities should take to provide more targeted support.

You can find out more and read the full report here.

Voter Identification in UK Elections

As a result of the Elections Act 2022, voters are now required to bring photo ID to polling stations in order to vote in some elections. These include the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners to be held on Thursday 2nd May, where photo ID is required for the first time in Wales. It will also include the UK Parliament General Election, which is expected to be held during 2024, although no date has been announced yet.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include a UK passport, driving licence, 60 and Over Welsh Concessionary Travel Card and Disabled Person’s Welsh Concessionary Travel Card. If you don't have accepted photo ID, you can apply for a free voter ID document, which is known as a Voter Authority Certificate. The deadline to apply for free voter ID for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday 2nd May is 5pm on Wednesday 24th April.

The Electoral Commission website has full details of what is required which you can read here. The Commission also has a helpline, 0800 328 0280, which can be used to request information in an accessible format.