Wales Council of the Blind

Service type: Access technology

Bierly magnifiers - (Bierly)

Bierly products help people with partial sight to magnify text and be able to enjoy reading and regain their independence. The products are innovative but simple. They have been designed specifically for people with partial sight, poor coordination, dexterity issues and anyone who may find modern technology challenging.

Blazie accessibility scripting and training - (Blazie)

Blazie write custom scripts for screen readers, as well as provide training teams of software engineers on the latest WCAG guidelines and HTML accessibility practices.

Ceredigion Association for the Blind IT Support - (Ceredigion Association for the Blind)

Our IT service provides advice, one-to-one training, short term equipment loan, and some financial support towards purchasing equipment. The service is completely free and we do not sell equipment, we just advise and support. Try before you buy: if you want to try before you buy, we can offer the loan of phones and tablets for 2 weeks. This would help you decide on the type of technology that meets your requirements and skills. We have an iPad and iPhone as well as an Android Synapptic tablet and phone.

Computer training - (Sight Life)

Fully trained volunteers provide training in basic computer skills, touch typing, use of email and the internet, on a one-to-one basis.

DAC Web Accessibility Testing - (Digital Accessibility Centre)

DAC tests web sites for accessibility in line with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2 (WCAG 2.1) – the government recommended standard.

Deafblind UK Technology Support - (Deafblind UK)

Our technology support service teaches you to make the most of technology to help you be as independent as possible. From magnification to voice recognition, we can show you how to make the most of the gadgets you’ve already got or how to use specialist accessibility software.

Digital Skills Training - North East Wales - (Vision Support)

Vision Support provide digital training whether you are a complete beginner and want to know about the technology available or you have a device and you want to make it more accessible/learn how to use the accessibility features. We are able to come to your home and provide one-to-one training. We provide support throughout North-East Wales.

Dolphin assistive technology products - (Dolphin Computer Access Ltd)

Dolphin assistive technology products are designed to improve accessibility and independence on computers, for people with a wide range of vision impairments. This includes screen readers for people who are blind, and magnification and audio products for people who have partial sight and low vision.

Enhanced Vision low vision products - (Enhanced Vision)

Enhanced Vision offer an extensive line of low vision products including video magnifiers. Their products are designed to help people regain their visual independence by providing the ability to read, write, see loved ones, or enjoy the outdoors.

Humanware technological aids - (HumanWare)

HumanWare develop technological aids enabling people living with vision impairment to develop their potential, live independently and improve quality of life by promoting literacy, inclusion, and accessibility.

IT Support for disabled people - (AbilityNet)

AbilityNet offers a range of free services to enable disabled people to make use of assitive technologies. These include free factsheets, a telephone helpline and an on-line assessment tool.

Loan of audio equipment from BWFB - (British Wireless for the Blind Fund)

The BWFB provides high quality, easy to use audio equipment which has been specially designed and adapted for listeners living with sight loss.

Low Vision Service Wales - (NHS Wales)

If you already have a vision impairment or low vision, or are registered as either sight impaired or severely sight impaired a specially trained and accredited Low vision optician/optometrist) can help you make the best use of the sight you have. There are specially trained low vision practitioners working out of high street opticians throughout the whole of Wales. To find your nearest one simply search the database at the link below.

Microlink accessibility training - (Microlink)

From Dyslexia to Arthritis, to visual and hearing losses, whatever the condition, Microlink can assess, advise, supply, train and support anyone looking to break down a barrier caused by their conditions.

NWSB Assistive Technology - (North Wales Society of the Blind)

Our technology service enables individuals to become more independent and access information, and includes specialist training advice and guidance from an experienced tutor who will work with you through a program of individual learning aims to help you reach your personal goals. We can advise on appropriate technology or software including: accessibility options; magnification and speech software; tablet devices including the iPad and Kindle.

Optima magnifiers and lighting - (Optima)

Optima supply a large and comprehensive range of optical and electronic magnifiers, as well as a range of Anti-Glare Filters and LED task lamps.

Optolec accessibility products - (Optelec)

Optelec products are designed to help with making the most of life: to allow staying in touch with friends and relatives, to participate and succeed in education and the workplace as well continuing to enjoy hobbies. They manufacture a range of Electronic Magnifiers and Text-to-Speech readers.

Pamtrad accessibility products - (Pamtrad)

Pamtrad sell a range of products including optical magnifiers, electronic magnifiers, access software such as iZoom, large print keyboards and reading machines.

Professional Vision Services access technology - (Professional Vision Services)

Professional Vision Services Ltd sell the MagniLink range of video magnifiers, a variety of hand-held electronic magnifiers, Braille devices, Braille embossers and access software. They also offer free demonstration of products.

Reineker access solutions - (Reinecker)

Reinecker offer a wide range of products and individual solutions. This includes optical and electronic magnifiers, desktop video magnifiers, transportable camera systems, vocal systems and magnifying Software for PC and MAC. They also offer individual consulting and training.

RSBC Assistive Technology sessions - (Royal Society for Blind Children)

If you want to feel empowered and knowledgeable about the world of technology, then join our Accessible Technology sessions. Our Senior Accessibility Advisor Alex can provide support with using a wide range of devices such as smart phones, computers, tablets, braille readers and much more. They can also offer support in how everyday devices can be used to support blind and partially sighted people in areas including travel, finances, wellbeing and fitness, independent living and school. You can arrange a personal session online with Alex, designed just for you, or you and your family. We also run a range of group workshops online. All sessions last between 1 and 1.5 hours and can be arranged at a date and time of your convenience.

Techno-Vision Systems products and services - (Techno-Vision Systems)

Techno Vision Systems Ltd sell Braille translation software, Braille embossers, Braille paper, music products, keyboard enhancements and tactile drawing. They also provide telephone support, training, repairs and maintenance.

Technology for Life - (RNIB)

RNIB's Technology for Life team can give you information and support with: Making the best use of your smartphone or tablet; using accessibility software such as screen readers or magnifiers; understanding the specifications of products; discovering new products that could be useful to you; troubleshooting and problem solving. The Technology Support volunteers provide one to one support at home for people with sight loss. Grants available.

Technology for Work Training Course - (Technology Association of Visually Impaired people (TAVIP))

TAVIP's Technology for Work Training Course offers members up to 5 hours of free one-to-one training to help them gain the IT skills needed in the work place so that, with other pre-employment support, they are ready to make the step into paid work.

Technology Support - (Sight Cymru)

Our IT Officers are able to support you in your own home with computers, tablets and other assistive technology.

Texthelp access software - (Text Help)

Our products support literacy, numeracy and accessibility in the classroom and the workplace. Get access on any device or platform, wherever you're working.

Vision Aid Technologies low vision and blindness products - (VisionAid Technologies)

Vision Aid Technologies is one of the largest specialist low vision & blindness product suppliers in the UK. Their range of over 1,000 products are carefully tested & selected from over 100 manufacturers around the world. This gives people the opportunity to view a comprehensive range of products in one location. The range of products include low vision, braille devices, video magnifiers, reading machines, access software and more.

Working Age and Young People Connect by Tech Groups - (Macular Society)

Macular Society's Connect by Tech service offers one-to-one telephone support with the technology you are using around your home. Make the most of you smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers, smart speakers, and other technology. Help with setting up Alexa, using accessibility features on devices, help with video calls, setting up a computer, Zoom and conference calls and more. Zoom meeting on the fourth Friday of the month 10.30am