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Definition: Opticians or Dispensing Opticians are regulated by the General Optical Council (GOC). A dispensing optician advises on, fits and supplies the most appropriate spectacles after taking account of each patient's visual, lifestyle and vocational needs. Dispensing opticians also play an important role in fitting contact lenses and advising and dispensing low vision aids to those who are partially sighted and in advising on and dispensing to children where appropriate.

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Low Vision Service Wales - (NHS Wales) Access technology

If you already have a vision impairment or low vision, or are registered as either sight impaired or severely sight impaired a specially trained and accredited Low vision optician/optometrist) can help you make the best use of the sight you have. There are specially trained low vision practitioners working out of high street opticians throughout the whole of Wales. To find your nearest one simply search the database at the link below.

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Driving & glaucoma Leaflet - [Library Type]

The leaflet includes information on when to report glaucoma to the DVLA, the tests that the DVLA will ask the applicant to take, what to expect from the tests and from the testing optometrist (optician). Additional information includes clarification on the testing conditions for the visual field test and the fact that up to three visual fields can be taken, with the DVLA accepting the best result.

Reading with Confidence: a report on the provision of electronic pocket magnifiers for children with sight problems in Wales Report - [Library Type]

Visually impaired children and young people across Wales have access to The Low Vision Scheme which provides low vision aids, free of charge. There are 170 accredited high street optometrists and dispensing opticians located across Wales who offer low vision aid assessments free of charge. Under the scheme currently, only low tech low vision aids (such as optical magnifiers) are available. There is a growing concern that children and young people are not using their optical magnifiers, mainly because of their distasteful designs and limited magnification capabilities.

Sight tests at home Leaflet - [Library Type]

If you are unable to visit a high street optician by yourself because you have a physical or mental disability, then this leaflet sets out how to arrange for a sight test in your own home.