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Braille embosser/printer

Definition: Braille embossers/printers produce braille output from a computer by punching dots onto paper. They connect to the computer in the same way as text printers but need special braille translation software, and can also be connected to notetakers and other devices.

Category: technology

Credit: RNIB


Services mentioning Braille embosser/printer

Professional Vision Services access technology - (Professional Vision Services) Access technology

Professional Vision Services Ltd sell the MagniLink range of video magnifiers, a variety of hand-held electronic magnifiers, Braille devices, Braille embossers and access software. They also offer free demonstration of products.

Techno-Vision Systems products and services - (Techno-Vision Systems) Access technology

Techno Vision Systems Ltd sell Braille translation software, Braille embossers, Braille paper, music products, keyboard enhancements and tactile drawing. They also provide telephone support, training, repairs and maintenance.