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Definition: Financial assistance, often specifically directed towards, and restricted to, the purpose for which the grant was established.

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Services mentioning Grants

Access to Work - (UK Government) Employment Support

Access to Work can help you get or stay in work if you have a physical or mental health condition or disability. The support you get will depend on your needs. Through Access to Work, you can apply for: a grant to help pay for practical support with your work; support with managing your mental health at work; money to pay for communication support at job interviews.

Amber Music Awards - (The Amber Trust) Sports, arts, leisure and holidays

Amber Music Awards exist to provide financial grants to individual children and young people in support of this vision. Music Award applications are open to all blind and partially sighted children and young people, who may also have other disabilities or special educational needs, until the age of 18. New applications for an Amber Music Award must be made before the young person’s 18th birthday.

CHECT Support Fund - (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT)) Grants

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) support fund provides grants to families in need of financial help as a result of their child’s diagnosis, treatment or screening for retinoblastoma. The fund is available to UK members of CHECT and/or those receiving treatment under the NHS in one of the UK retinoblastoma centres – Royal London Hospital or Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Eligible families could receive up to £200 per year.

Contact helpline - (Contact) Helpline

For information or advice on any aspect of caring for a disabled child, ring Contact's national freephone helpline on 0808 808 3555, Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm. Can help with issues such as info on your child's medical condition, sources of grants, benefits and special educational needs.

Dr. Rhydian James Grant Fund - (North Wales Society of the Blind) Grants

A grant to empower and enable future generations of people who are blind and partially sighted to reach their goals and fulfil their aspirations whatever they may be. Applicants in receipt of means-tested benefits will be given priority. They are happy to consider applications for specialist software, equipment and specialist training in the use of access technology.

Family Fund grants - (Family Fund) Grants

Provide grants to the families of disabled children and young people who meet certain criteria. The grants can be used for essential items such as washing machines, fridge-freezers, family breaks, clothing and bedding as well as contributions to hospital visiting costs. They also help with tablets, laptops and sensory toys.

Financial aid - (Behcet's UK) Grants

The Society will provide grants to help people who are in hardship because of Behçet's disease. To provide a grant, evidence of the amount needed must be provided. Examples of claims which might be funded include prepayment certificate for drugs, help with travel to hospital, household bills, help towards computer with reading aids/voice recognition if you are visually impaired, or aids/other equipment not available on the NHS to help if you are disabled.

Financial Wellbeing Service - (Vision Support) Advice

This service offers support with searching and applying for grants; help with budgeting; signposting to organisations to help with a range of issues; benefits checks; information and guidance on schemes/discounts that you may be eligible for; hints and tips on how to save money.

Grants from Ceredigion Association - (Ceredigion Association for the Blind) Grants

Ceredigion Association provide some grants to visually impaired people. To be eligible you must have serious and uncorrectable visual impairments, and have been referred to the Association by the Rehabilitation Officer in Ceredigion Social Services.

Grants from MACS - (MACS (Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia & Coloboma Support)) Grants

MACS gives grants to cover the cost of activities or equipment needed by children born without eyes, or with under-developed eyes. You must have been a member of MACS for at least 6 month to apply.

Grants from VI Breconshire - (Visual Impairment Breconshire) Grants

Grants are offered to anyone with a permanent and uncorrectable eye condition, living in Breconshire to help pay for equipment, services, training, education and experiences (such as holidays). Applications are welcome from the visually impaired, their families and carers.

Grants from VICTA - (VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action)) Grants

VICTA provide grants for children and young people for visual aid equipment and for vacation schemes.

NWSB Children's Fund - (North Wales Society of the Blind) Grants

The children's fund was established to help meet the needs of children who have impaired vision, by providing special needs grants and specialist equipment. Many families with young children who have vision impairments will have experienced lengthy delays and numerous application forms when applying for essential equipment like a CCTV</a> system or specialist computer software. We hope to be able to attract enough support to be able to help meet some of these needs.

NWSB General Grants - (North Wales Society of the Blind) Grants

The general grant fund may award grants of up to £100 to individuals who are registered sight impaired or severely Sight impaired who also live in North Wales. The fund may provide grants for items which have been specifically designed for people with impaired vision. Contact Steve Thomas via the contact details below.

RAB grants - (Radnorshire Association for the Blind) Grants

Radnorshire Association offer grants to Radnorshire residents to help towards the cost of equipment to help people with a visual impairment.

Technology for Life - (RNIB) Access technology

RNIB's Technology for Life team can give you information and support with: Making the best use of your smartphone or tablet; using accessibility software such as screen readers or magnifiers; understanding the specifications of products; discovering new products that could be useful to you; troubleshooting and problem solving. The Technology Support volunteers provide one to one support at home for people with sight loss. Grants available.

Library records mentioning Grants

Access to Work - people with sight loss cannot wait any longer for action Report - [Library Type]

A report calling on DWP to: Provide adequate resources to ATW so that support is put in place within four weeks of any application and claims are promptly processed; remove the need for an ATW renewal process for customers when their support needs are not changing; automatically extend ATW packages until renewals can be processed so individuals can retain support; provide automatic software upgrades to software previously approved as part of an ATW grant; provide a ‘cost of living’ update for the value of ATW grant payments; fast track applicants who know what support they need.