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Closed circuit television

Definition: CCTV (also known as a video magnifier) is a magnifying aid for people with some useful vision. Printed material and objects can be placed under a camera and the magnified image is displayed on a television screen or computer monitor. They are mostly used for reading, but can also be used for writing and other activities such as sewing.

Category: technology

Credit: RNIB


Services mentioning Closed circuit television

NWSB Children's Fund - (North Wales Society of the Blind) Grants

The children's fund was established to help meet the needs of children who have impaired vision, by providing special needs grants and specialist equipment. Many families with young children who have vision impairments will have experienced lengthy delays and numerous application forms when applying for essential equipment like a CCTV</a> system or specialist computer software. We hope to be able to attract enough support to be able to help meet some of these needs.

Stepney Centre for VI - (Carmarthenshire County Blind Society) Resource centre

Demonstrations of Dolphin computer systems and CCTV</a> Electronic Magnification by Enhanced Vision and Optilec.

VIM Resource Centre - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM)) Resource centre

Sensory impairment aids for everyday living such as mobile phones, talking clocks and watches, fully equipped kitchen demonstrating various aids, CCTVS etc. There are also demonstration facilities for other disabilities eg Tunstall equipment.