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Retinitis pigmentosa

Definition: Changes to vision which may include difficulties in dim vision/dark, and loss of peripheral vision.

Category: eye condition

Credit: RNIB


Services mentioning Retinitis pigmentosa

Eye Health Examination Wales - (NHS Wales) Medical

You can have an eye examination for free if you have an eye problem that occurs suddenly. Under the Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW) initiative you are entitled to have your eyes examined free of charge by a registered optometrist if you have an eye problem that occurred suddenly (acutely) which you think requires urgent attention. Patients with an acute problem with their eye or vision can be seen for the following issues: Minor eye injury; red eye; painful eye; foreign body; sudden loss/ change in vision; new onset flashes/ floaters. You can self-refer to a local optometrist without the need to see a GP. You can also have an EHEW if you: have been referred by your GP to an EHEW registered optometrist because of an eye problem; have sight in one eye only, i.e. you are effectively blind in your worse eye; have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf; suffer from retinitis pigmentosa; have Black African, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi family origins; are at risk of eye disease by other reasons of race or family history. Go to link below to search for your nearest practitioner.

Retina UK Helpline - (Retina UK) Helpline

RP helpline is operated by volunteers all directly affected with a genetic eye disorder, who genuinely understand the issues faced with daily living.

Retina UK Peer Support Groups - (Retina UK) Support Group

Retina UK volunteers run a number of Local Groups in towns across the UK. The also run an online group for 'Wrexham and Wales'. These enable people with RP to socialise and support each other as well as raise funds and run events on our behalf.

UK Care Pathway for RP - (Retina UK) Medical

An on-line resource giving information about the care of retinitis pigmentosa. There are sections for patients, parents, family & friends, teachers, employers and health professionals.