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Daily living skills

Definition: Daily Living Skills are needed to perform activities of daily living. Activities of Daily Living is a term used in healthcare to refer to people's daily self-care activities. Health professionals often use a person's ability or inability to perform ADLs as a measurement of their functional status. Rehabilitation Officers restore a blind or partially sighted person's Daily Living Skills.

Category: adult social care

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Services mentioning Daily living skills

Anglesey Vision Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) - (Isle of Anglesey County Council) Rehabilitation

A VRS assists someone regain daily living skills they may have lost through sight problems and helps them re-learn to do things they could previously do for themselves.

Halton Sensory Service Resource Centre - (Vision Support) Resource centre

The fully trained staff and volunteers at Vision Support's Halton Sensory Service Resource Centre alongside Deafness Resource Centre, supported by Halton Borough Council, are a fully integrated sensory service geared to meeting the diverse needs of people with sensory loss. They demonstrate and sell specialist equipment to help with daily living. The Resource Centre has a range of information on Vision Support's services and other relevant services available locally and nationally.

Living made easy (website) - (Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)) Information

'Living made easy' is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living for disabled people. The site includes an 'Ask Sara' section which takes you through a series of questions to identify the type of help that you need.

Retina UK Helpline - (Retina UK) Helpline

RP helpline is operated by volunteers all directly affected with a genetic eye disorder, who genuinely understand the issues faced with daily living.