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CHARGE syndrome

Definition: An acronym for the set of unusual congenital features seen in a number of newborn children. The letters stand for: coloboma of the eye, heart defects, atresia of the nasal choanae, retardation of growth and/or development, genital and/or urinary abnormalities, and ear abnormalities and deafness. These features are no longer used in making a diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome, but the name remains. CHARGE syndrome is the leading cause of congenital deafblindness.

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CustomEyes Books - (Guide Dogs) Accessible media

Guide Dogs CustomEyes service produces large print books for children with vision impairment. These are tailor-made for each child or young person, but they are only charged the recommended retail price. The customised large print books open up a whole world of imagination and learning, by enabling visually impaired children and young people to read the same books as their sighted friends and classmates.

Eye Health Examination Wales - (NHS Wales) Medical

You can have an eye examination for free if you have an eye problem that occurs suddenly. Under the Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW) initiative you are entitled to have your eyes examined free of charge by a registered optometrist if you have an eye problem that occurred suddenly (acutely) which you think requires urgent attention. Patients with an acute problem with their eye or vision can be seen for the following issues: Minor eye injury; red eye; painful eye; foreign body; sudden loss/ change in vision; new onset flashes/ floaters. You can self-refer to a local optometrist without the need to see a GP. You can also have an EHEW if you: have been referred by your GP to an EHEW registered optometrist because of an eye problem; have sight in one eye only, i.e. you are effectively blind in your worse eye; have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf; suffer from retinitis pigmentosa; have Black African, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi family origins; are at risk of eye disease by other reasons of race or family history. Go to link below to search for your nearest practitioner.

Forest Talk - (Forest Talk) Accessible media

Forest Talk provides a weekly talking newspaper for blind and visually impaired people in the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. We record local news items taken from the weekly Forest of Dean newspapers: The Forester and Wye Valley Forest Review. We complement this with a weekly ‘magazine’ of light-hearted articles, local interest items, poems and anecdotes. Each recording lasts approximately 90 minutes. Our recordings are distributed on USB memory sticks. We also supply each of our registered blind listeners with a free of charge USB ‘soundbox’ to enable them to listen to our recordings each week. Publications: The Forester (weekly); The Wye Valley Review (weekly); Western Daily Press (daily).

Pembrokeshire Talking Newspaper - (Pembrokeshire Talking Newspaper) Accessible media

Western Telegraph (weekly). Our area covers the whole of Pembrokeshire, the borders of Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire. Pembrokeshire Talking Newspaper is also available on smart speakers by saying "Alexa, enable Pembrokeshire Talking Newspaper". If you do not have an internet connection, you can make a telephone call to 0330 22 33 452 and use the keys on your phone to control the playback just like your normal memory stick player. The call is charged at the same rate as a normal phone call, so please check your included call times. You can also hear us on any mobile, tablet or computer where you can change playback speed, download the edition or subscribe to our podcast. Please note you do not need to install an app to do this.

Library records mentioning CHARGE syndrome

CHARGE Family Support Group Newsletter Newsletter - [Library Type]

The newsletter of the CHARGE Family Support Group gives information to families and carers of individuals with CHARGE Syndrome.

Charge Information Pack for Practitioners Guidance - [Library Type]

A new comprehensive information pack which offers 28 in-depth factsheets about the many aspects of living with CHARGE syndrome.

Reading with Confidence: a report on the provision of electronic pocket magnifiers for children with sight problems in Wales Report - [Library Type]

Visually impaired children and young people across Wales have access to The Low Vision Scheme which provides low vision aids, free of charge. There are 170 accredited high street optometrists and dispensing opticians located across Wales who offer low vision aid assessments free of charge. Under the scheme currently, only low tech low vision aids (such as optical magnifiers) are available. There is a growing concern that children and young people are not using their optical magnifiers, mainly because of their distasteful designs and limited magnification capabilities.