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Local Health Board

Definition: The overall function of a Welsh Local Health Board is to improve the health of the responsible population, develop primary health services, and commission community and secondary care services. A Welsh Local Health Board will, if it so wishes and is capable of doing so, be able to provide directly a range of community health services, creating new opportunities to integrate primary and community health services as well as health and social care provision.

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Together for Health: Eye Health Care Delivery Plan for Wales 2013-2018 Report - [Library Type]

The Eye Health Care Delivery Plan sets out a range of key actions to improve the eye health of all children and adults in Wales, with specific, targeted support for those most vulnerable to eye health issues and sight loss. The Plan focuses on opportunities for Health Boards and Local Government to work with the Third Sector and other partners to plan, co-ordinate and deliver services for people living within their local communities.