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Welsh Government (WG)/ Llywodraeth Cymru

Definition: The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales. It has legislative powers in key areas of public life such as health, education and the environment.

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Framework for action on independent living Report - [Library Type]

The aims of the Framework for Action are:- to set out a positive vision for disabled people in Wales in the challenging context of recession and the UK Government’s programme of welfare reform, combined with public expenditure cuts; to challenge stereotypes and negative attitudes; to bring together for the first time a strategic approach to disability in Wales bringing together issues that have previously been dealt with separately; - to set out what the Welsh Government is doing across portfolios to promote an inclusive and enabling society; and to highlight the key roles of local delivery partners and stakeholders.

Registering visual impairment as a disability Report - [Library Type]

A group of documents giving guidance on the CVI and Referral letter. Applies to England, although documents state that the Welsh government was consulted in their production.

State of the Nation – services for children and young people with sight loss in Wales Report - [Library Type]

The aim of this paper is to provide an update on the current state of services in Wales for children and young people with a vision impairment (CYPVI), to highlight areas of ongoing concern and to seek a way forward from the Welsh Government. A previous version of this paper was produced in March 2017.