Wales Council of the Blind


Definition: People or organisations which have an interest in a proposed development or idea.

Category: adult social care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

Library records mentioning Stakeholders

Eye Care Support Pathway Report - [Library Type]

At a time of increasing demand for eye care services, stakeholders and partners across the sector have come together to co-produce an eye care support pathway to enable better support for adults with eye care needs to be consistently delivered across the UK.

Framework for action on independent living Report - [Library Type]

The aims of the Framework for Action are:- to set out a positive vision for disabled people in Wales in the challenging context of recession and the UK Government’s programme of welfare reform, combined with public expenditure cuts; to challenge stereotypes and negative attitudes; to bring together for the first time a strategic approach to disability in Wales bringing together issues that have previously been dealt with separately; - to set out what the Welsh Government is doing across portfolios to promote an inclusive and enabling society; and to highlight the key roles of local delivery partners and stakeholders.