Wales Council of the Blind


Definition: Is the all-encompassing term for the Government's agenda to give people more choice about and control in the care they receive. The system places the service user at the centre of the process and allows them to choose the support they use and the manner in which they receive support.

Category: adult social care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

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HelpKidzLearn - (Inclusive Technology) Education

The home of multiple online services, enabling children of all ages and abilities to play, develop and achieve. Teachers, therapists, carers and parents can provide accessible game-based learning activities, creative personalised choice-making activities, access readymade curriculum activities and sensory stories, or assess and develop early vision and cognition behaviours.

Independent Living Advice Line - (Disability Rights UK) Direct payments / personalised budgets

Provides advice on getting direct payments, including information on:individual budgets/personalisation; funding from social services in relation to the care needs of the disabled; the appeals process; general advice on employing personal assistants

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How Accessible Is Access to Work in Wales? 3 years on Report - [Library Type]

This report outlines the problems being experienced by Access to Work applicants and recipients at the different stages of the process. The report also references the previous report, highlighting where changes have been made and where concerns remain 3 years on. This report highlights the previous 5 themes that emerged from focus group discussion and case studies: contact with clients; provision of information; advisor skills and knowledge; assessments; and payments, reviews and personalised budgets.