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Budgets - Personal

Definition: A Personal Budget is money which is allocated to someone by a local authority to pay for their assessed support or care needs. Personal Budgets are similar to Individual Budgets, but they are made up solely of local authority social care funding. Personal Budgets do not draw in any payments from other organisations outside of the local authority, so people would have to contact these organisations separately to receive additional support (for example, personal budgets do not include Supporting People Funding, which would need to be applied for separately). People can take their Personal Budget as a direct payment (choosing themselves how their care needs are met and by whom), leave councils with the responsibility to commission the services, or elect to have some combination of the two.

Category: adult social care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

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Compass Independent Living Direct Payments Support - (Compass Independent Living) Direct payments / personalised budgets

Compass can help guide you through the process and support you to manage all aspects of your direct payment (personal budget).

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This report outlines the problems being experienced by Access to Work applicants and recipients at the different stages of the process. The report also references the previous report, highlighting where changes have been made and where concerns remain 3 years on. This report highlights the previous 5 themes that emerged from focus group discussion and case studies: contact with clients; provision of information; advisor skills and knowledge; assessments; and payments, reviews and personalised budgets.