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Access Design Solutions Private Sector

Access Design Solutions offer professional planning and environmental assessment skills, combined with extensive experience in the access and mobility requirements of disabled and older people. They provide achievable, practical design and management solutions.

Amazon Private Sector

Online trader. Books, music, DVDs and more.

Bierly Private Sector

Bierley sell a range of electronic magnifiers and communication devices.

Blazie Private Sector

Blazie resell access software and Braille products, as well as providing JAWS scripting development and specialist training.

Computer Room Services Private Sector

Supplier of technology, audio and braille transcriptions, training and consultancy.

Digital Accessibility Centre Private Sector

The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) works with clients to create digital media that is accessible to all members of a population, and meets best practice accessibility standards and legislation.

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd Private Sector

Dolphin manufactures and sells software to help people with sight impairments, as well as providing accessibility solutions. Trials can be downloaded from the website.

Enhanced Vision Private Sector

Enhanced Vision sell a comprehensive range of desktop, portable and versatile video magnifiers.

Focal Point UK Private Sector

Focal Point UK is a private sector company / agency, who have for over the past decade been providing high quality vision rehabilitation and low vision support and services to people with sight loss and professionals, from all sectors at all levels, who work in the field of visual impairment throughout the UK.

HumanWare Private Sector

HumanWare manufacturers and sells a comprehensive range of access technologies including video magnifiers, Braille products and reading machines.

Hungry Fingers Private Sector

Hungry Fingers is a one-man company specializing in designing and producing educational tools for young learners with a visual impairment. The tools are designed to help totally blind children understand difficult concepts based on visual experience, and on spatial relations needed for reading tactile graphics. The relation between objects and drawings, symmetry, rotation and perspective are just some of the problems which can be addressed with the help of the tools.

Inclusive Technology Private Sector

A supplier of software and hardware for people with special needs. dedicated to providing pioneering and lifechanging assistive technology. They provide a full range of innovative products to enable their customers to communicate, learn and play.

Microlink Private Sector

Microlink is an independent supplier of assistive technology and disability related management services

Optelec Private Sector

Optelec manufactures and sells a range of video magnifiers, reading machines, Braille products and optical magnifiers.

Optima Private Sector

Optima provide a range of electronic magnifiers, low vision aids and lighting.

Pamtrad Private Sector

Pamtrad sell a range of products including optical magnifiers, electronic magnifiers, access software such as iZoom, large print keyboards and reading machines.

People Plus Private Sector

PeoplePlus, a trading name for A4e, formerly known as Action for Employment, is a for-profit welfare-to-work company based in the United Kingdom. The company began in Sheffield in 1991 to provide redundant steelworkers with training so that they could find new jobs. They now operate in five countries, but retain a significant presence in the UK where they work with organisations in the public sector such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

Pia - Accessible Printing Solutions Private Sector

Pia is the UK's leading independent accessible format provider. We specialise in producing accessible print formats including braille, large print, audio transcript, easy read and tactile labels, as well as providing project management and everything else an organisation will require, to meet the needs of print impaired individuals.

Professional Vision Services Private Sector

This company resells a range of access software, electronic magnifiers (CCTVs), and Braille products.

Railcard Private Sector

Official retailer of railcards by National Rail

Reinecker Private Sector

Manufacture and sell a range of electronic magnifiers and iZoom access software.

Screen Language Private Sector

Screen Language is a professional film subtitling, translation and audio description production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Seeing Solutions Private Sector

Technology supplier.

Sight and Sound Technology Private Sector

Established 30 years ago they supply equipment and services to people with sight impairments. Provide a range of access software, video magnifiers, Braille products, scan and reading machines, mobile phone solutions, training and scripting.

Synapptic Ltd. Private Sector

Technology manufacturer. Also supplies accessible mobile phones, tablets, and software for mobile phones.

Techno-Vision Systems Private Sector

A company that specialises in reselling Duxbury Braille translation software (available in over 200 languages including Welsh Braille), various Braille embossers, and with other products for people with a sight impairment.

Text Help Private Sector

A company that develops and licenses assistive software, including speech technology, image technology and touch technology for education and the workplace.

Thriiver Private Sector

Thriiver has an experienced team of assistive technology trainers and coaches, who support people, helping them overcome many barriers using a blend of technology and coaching of soft skills. Their trainers and coaches deliver a range of programmes helping people whether they are unemployed, in education or already in the workplace. They support not only people who are neurodiverse, but also individuals with other disabilities as well as those affected by mental health & confidence issues.

Traveleyes Private Sector

A company which provides holidays for both blind/visually impaired and sighted travellers, journeying together in a spirit of mutual independence to some of the most fascinating of world destinations. Sighted travellers travel for up to 50% off the price in return for being the eyes for blind travellers.

Vision Support Trading Ltd. Private Sector

Our corporate objective is to support the very people who receive our range of alternative format documents. As a social enterprise, all profits acquired through the commercial activities of VST are gift aided to Vision Support, a charity that works to support sight impaired people maintain their independence and autonomy within the community.

VisionAid Technologies Private Sector

This independent company re-sells access software, video magnifiers, reading machines, Braille products, large print keyboards and more, giving people the chance to choose the best product for them.

Visualise Training and Consultancy Private Sector

Dan Williams offers a range of training and assessment services for employers and employees in relation to sight impairment.

Vocaleyes Private Sector

Vocaleyes provides audio description services, training and consultancy for arts and heritage organisations.