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Focal Point UK

Description: Focal Point UK is a private sector company / agency, who have for over the past decade been providing high quality vision rehabilitation and low vision support and services to people with sight loss and professionals, from all sectors at all levels, who work in the field of visual impairment throughout the UK.


Tel: 0113 834 6094


Category: Private Sector

Services Provided

Visual Impairment Awareness

This course provides awareness and basic information, advice and skills on visual impairment, identifying the relevant issues and how visual impairment effects and impacts on people's lives and the professionals who work with them.

Focal Point UK Rehabilitation Support

Focal Point UK is a leading private sector provider of vision rehabilitation (rehab) services to all sector organisations - statutory service providers such as social services departments, education departments and Employment Services, or their agents acting on their behalf. We also work with voluntary sector organisations who provide or require vision rehab services and support.