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Blind Baseball Cymru to provide more sessions in Wales

Blind Baseball Cymru are pleased to announce that, with some supportive funding, they are able to provide Blind Baseball sessions farther and wider in Wales!

In early 2023, Blind Baseball Cymru started a team of Blind Baseball players, who train in Swansea. They competed as far as Liverpool and Sheffield. In September, the newly formed South Wales Dragons then hosted a tournament in Cardiff, and came in second place. That's a great feat for a newly formed team! Shortly after, there was another taster day in Cardiff, wherein a Cardiff team started.

In addition to the sessions that are already running in Cardiff and Swansea, they are looking to run sessions in North Wales, Mid Wales, Pembrokeshire and the west. Ideally the site would be someplace central to the community with good transport links. If this appeals to you, please do get in contact - Blind Baseball Cymru want to hear from you, and are specifically inviting societies and groups to contact them.

They are also looking to involve people who could help deliver more regular, continuing sessions for the communities they'll be visiting. It's a great sport, and a growing community of players. But that's not all - VI Pickle Ball is also on offer. This is an exciting new development that they cannot wait to show everyone interested. If you'd like to have a session in your area, please get in contact and we can get the ball rolling, literally! If you're in the Cardiff or Swansea area and are interested in playing, please do get in contact, we'd be delighted to have you at our sessions!

The next Blind Baseball sessions in Swansea are on 9th and 16th March at Meadow View Sports Complex from 2 pm to 3.30 pm, and in Cardiff are 9th and 17th March at Channel View Leisure Centre from 10 am to 12 pm. Please contact for more information.