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Third Sector Partnership Council: Disability

The main purpose of the Third Sector Partnership Council (TSPC) is to make sure that the principles set out in the Third Sector Scheme are put into practice. It also provides an opportunity for the sector to raise key issues of interest or concern. It generally does not discuss issues that relate to only one area of interest (these can be taken up through the biannual Ministerial meetings) and as a national body it is concerned with issues affecting all of Wales.

The Partnership Council meets four times a year in different venues across Wales and members of the public are encouraged to come to the meetings.

The Wales Disability Reference Group represents disability on the TSPC.

Role of third sector representatives.

The role of the sector's representatives on the TSPC is to promote the interests of the sector, as well as to facilitate dialogue between the Assembly and the third sector. In fulfilling this role, the members are required to:

  • Attend pre-meetings and meetings of the partnership council
  • Put forward, prepare and speak to the agenda
  • Introduce themselves as representatives of the sector (eg. youth, arts etc.) not as representatives of their own organisation
  • Provide a twice yearly report on how they have represented their network
  • Feed back information about the meetings and issues to their network.

TSPC papers

WCVA holds the papers for the TSPC at the Third Sector Partnership pages