Wales Council of the Blind

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Access to transport transport

A service providing concessions such as the Disabled Persons Railcard, or other forms of access improvements.

Blue Badge transport

A scheme allowing disabled people and their drivers to park close to where they need to go.

bus transport

Public transport via scheduled services on the road.

Community and Demand Responsive transport transport

A general term to cover a range of services enabling people who are unable to use public transport to make journeys. Includes dial a ride and demand responsive local buses. Services are usually based locally and arrangements for using the service (and charges) vary according to the provider in your area.

transport transport

General term to cover forms of transport such as train, taxi, bus, coach and plane.

Transport provider transport

An organisation or agency providing accessible transport such as Community Transport or city-wide shop-mobility services.

Travel assistance (rail) transport

Service provided to disabled travellers by individual train companies. This can include provision of ramps, help with getting on and off the train etc. 24 hours notice of requirements requested.