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Definition: Violation of an individual's human or civil rights by any other person or persons. Any or all types of abuse may be perpetrated as the result of deliberate intent, negligence or ignorance. Different types of abuse include: physical; neglect/acts of omission; financial/ material; psychological; sexual; institutional; discriminatory; self harm/abuse; racial; or any combination of these or other factors. Abuse also has a number of specific legal definitions contained in various acts of

Category: adult social care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

Services mentioning Abuse

EASS Helpline - (Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS)) Helpline

A helpline for people affected by discrimination or human rights abuses. It can advise on the Equality Act 2010, and your options for resolving problems formally or informally. See website for full details.