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Definition: MP3 is a common music file format. It stands for for "Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 1, Audio Layer 3".

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Services mentioning MP3

Audiobook lending service - (Listening Books) Accessible media

Listening Books has over 10,000 wonderful fiction and non-fiction titles in our collection for children and adults, including many popular authors. We also have set texts and study guides and many of our educational titles are recorded in our professional digital studios and aren't available anywhere else! Titles can be streamed over WiFi on computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, downloaded to portable devices to listen to offline or on the go, or on MP3 CDs sent through the post.

Personal Transcription - (RNIB) Accessible media

Transcription service for blind and partially-sighted people. Formats offered: Audio in human voice or digitally generated synthetic speech, on CD, Daisy CD, or as an mp3 file; Braille; Large and giant print; Electronic text; Tactile diagrams and images; Accessible sheet music and musical scores - Modified Stave notation.