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Definition: DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information System is a standard for digital talking books. DAISY books are typically used by people have 'print disabilities', including blindness, impaired vision and dyslexia. The DAISY format allows users to hear and navigate written material presented in an audible format. A 'DAISY player' is a device that will play a DAISY book.

Category: technology

Credit: RNIB


Services mentioning DAISY

Personal Transcription - (RNIB) Accessible media

Transcription service for blind and partially-sighted people. Formats offered: Audio in human voice or digitally generated synthetic speech, on CD, Daisy CD, or as an mp3 file; Braille; Large and giant print; Electronic text; Tactile diagrams and images; Accessible sheet music and musical scores - Modified Stave notation.