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Definition: Habilitation involves one-to-one training for children and young people with a vision impairment. Starting from their existing skills, it aims to develop their personal mobility, navigation and independent living skills. At whatever age the training is started, the overriding goal is to maximise the child or young person’s independence, opening the way in the future, to further study, employment and an independent life.

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Last Updated: 26th of October 2023

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Carmarthenshire Qualified Habilitation Specialist - (Carmarthenshire Education Department) Mobility / habilitation (Children & young people)

Carmarthenshire Council can provide habilitation services to vi children in a school environment.

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Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (CFVI) Guidance - [Library Type]

The framework presents educational outcomes within 11 areas: Facilitating an Inclusive World; Sensory Development; Communication; Literacy; Habilitation: Orientation and Mobility; Habilitation: Independent Living Skills; Accessing information; Technology; Health: Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellbeing; Social, Sports and Leisure; Preparing for Adulthood.

Growing Up & Moving On Report - [Library Type]

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some young visually impaired (VI) people may have a good level of education but lack independence and life skills needed to move onto the next phase of their lives. Reports from some individuals reflect that there is a lack of information about services and entitlements, lack of skills training and lack of support. This report presents a picture of how VI specialist services are addressing the mobility, independent living and social skills needs of children and young people. It maps habilitation, specialist social work and LEA support across Wales.