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Period Proud Wales - Views of vision impaired people wanted

You might have heard of the term Period Poverty, but have you heard of Period Equity? The Welsh Government wants to change the silence, stigma and taboo about periods that have been the norm for too long. Everyone should be able to manage their periods with pride and the aim is to create a Period Proud Wales for all. To help this along, they are keen to understand the barriers that blind and partially sighted people face when managing periods.

They would like to know:

  • Is it difficult to manage periods when you have sight loss?
  • Is there enough accessible information around how to use period products?
  • Are there adaptations which would make managing periods easier?
  • Are there extra costs when you have sight loss?
  • How accessible are public toilets when trying to manage outside of the home?
If this is something that impacts you and you want to send through some answers to these questions or anything additional thoughts, please email by 26th April. This is a sensitive and personal topic so all feedback to Welsh Government will be anonymous and no personal details will be shared.

You can read more about Period Proud Wales on the Welsh Government website.