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Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

Description: The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation started in 1998 as a grass-roots patient to patient online support group (called Fuchs’ Friends) to exchange knowledge about the genetic and practical issues patients had with corneal dystrophies. It continued to grow until it encompassed people in over 150 countries and currently has a sustaining membership of approximately 3000.



Category: Third/voluntary Sector

Services Provided

Fuch's Friends

The Fuchs' Friends international online support group is a place of support and information for people with all types of Corneal Dystrophy. It is an outreach project of The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation. We are here to provide Education and Support regarding Corneal Dystrophies. We are here to help people who, when diagnosed, are sent on an emotional roller coaster ride caused by shock of the diagnoses and fear of the unknown future of their vision.