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Bardet-Biedel Syndrome (BBS)

Definition: BBS is a multi-system disorder that has a significant impact on the quality of life and may be life-limiting. Features include rod-cone dystrophy, a progressive eye disorder that leads to blindness, characterised by tunnel vision and night blindness; obesity; renal abnormalities; developmental delay; speech and language difficulties; extra fingers and/or toes and learning difficulties.

Category: eye condition

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Last Updated: 11th of June 2024

Services mentioning Bardet-Biedel Syndrome (BBS)

BBS Active at Home - (British Blind Sport) Sports, arts, leisure and holidays

Our audio-led sessions have helped blind and partially sighted people keep active from their homes during the pandemic and have continued to be enjoyed by people around the world. BBS hosts a virtual live workout week at the beginning of each month, with a different exercise class taking place each weekday evening at 6pm. At the end of the workout week, the BBS team upload recordings of the workouts to our YouTube channel for those who were unable to attend.