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Diabetes/diabetic retinopathy

Definition: Diabetes can affect the eye in several ways, the most common being problems with blood vessels in the eye.

Category: eye condition

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Services mentioning Diabetes/diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes UK Cymru voluntary groups - (Diabetes UK) Support Group

The voluntary groups across Wales are run voluntarily by people living with diabetes. These groups can offer you local information and support and the opportunity to meet other people who live with diabetes.

Diabetic Eye Screening Wales - (Wales Eye Care Service) Medical

The Diabetic Eye Screening Wales service checks for eye problems caused by having diabetes. Making changes to your diabetes management, or having specialist treatment can slow or reverse changes caused by diabetic retinopathy. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, and are aged 12 or over, you will be invited to attend a screening appointment.

Peer support network - (Diabetes UK) Support Group

The Peer Support network connects people living with diabetes, giving the chance to share information, experience and support. It is run by a team of volunteers, each with lots of experience of managing and living with diabetes. You can talk by email at any time, or phone during opening hours.

Library records mentioning Diabetes/diabetic retinopathy

Eye conditions related to diabetes (RNIB Understanding series) Guidance - [Library Type]

Description, effects, risk management, treatment, coping strategies for diabetes-related eye conditions.