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Occupational Therapists

Definition: Professionals whose specialist training equips them to work with people with a physical disability, learning disability/difficulty or mental health needs. They help people learn new skills or recover lost skills, and may arrange for special equipment or adaptations to accommodation.

Category: adult social care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

Last Updated: 13th of November 2023

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Lighting in and Around your Home: a guide to better lighting for people with sight loss. Leaflet - [Library Type]

This publication explains how to improve lighting to meet the needs of people with sight loss. A reduction in the provision of professional advice and support services in recent years has led to an increased need for self-help, to ensure that people can live independently and safely in their own homes. While earlier editions of the Guide were aimed largely at frontline professionals, such as housing and support staff, home improvement agency staff, vision rehabilitation officers (ROVIs), eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs) and occupational therapists (OTs), this edition is also written for people with sight loss and their family members and friends.