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June is Cataract Awareness Month

For Cataract Awareness Month, sight loss organisations provide patients, their families and professionals with information on topics related to types of cataract, such as risk factors, symptoms and cataract surgery. Cataract is a major cause of sight loss, especially in people over the age of about 60, and may be combined with other sight conditions, such as glaucoma or uveitis.

Information from The College of Optometrists includes a short film showing the effect on vision, and information about surgery.

The 'Eye Conditions' section of Guide Dogs website includes information on different types of cataract, diagnosis and FAQs.

Information on RNIB's website includes advice for people awaiting cataract surgery, and a short film about what to expect during cataract surgery.

Glaucoma UK has information on cataracts and glaucoma, which you can read here.