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VocalEyes publishes Heritage Access Report 2022

VocalEyes has published the results of its latest review of accessibility at UK museums and heritage sites. They found that the amount of online information about access provision has increased significantly since 2018, but that far smaller increases were recorded in online information relevant for blind and visually impaired people.

The proportion of sites with access information in Wales (84%) was slightly above the UK average of 81%. The report includes a useful checklist that museums and heritage sites can use to help them improve their accessibility.

In connection with the report, VocalEyes has developed a Heritage Access 2022 benchmark tool, an online search and map interface where you can find the benchmark score for the access information provided by the 2,258 UK museums and heritage sites covered by the project. This includes ratings for 165 sites in Wales.

You can find out more, download the report, and access the benchmarking took on the VocalEyes website.