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Voting is still not accessible for people with sight loss

Following the elections on 6th May 2021, RNIB conducted a survey into the experiences of vision impaired people. The results have just been published, and show that only one in five blind voters and less than half of partially sighted voters were able to vote independently.

The report 'Turned Out 2021' is based on 626 responses to the survey, although it is more reflective of the views of younger people (those under 65) than older ones. It covers all aspects of voting, including pre-election communications, postal and proxy voting, and experience at polling stations.

On a more positive note, an accessible voting trial, in which voters used an audio player and headphones alongside the tactile voting device to vote more independently and in secret, was carried out in Norfolk. 91% of participants in the trial reported that their voting experience was better than previous years and RNIB is calling for this audio solution to be rolled out for the next elections.

You can find out more and read the full report on RNIB's website.