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Access to Work claims can be submitted without employer or support worker signature

From 23rd April, Access to Work customers have been able to submit claim forms for reimbursement without an employer or support worker signature and ask their line manager or support worker to provide an email confirming the details of the claim and that they agree to the terms and conditions on that form.

There are two options for submitting the email confirmation and the claim form, these are as follows:

  1. Once the customer receives the email from their employer or support worker they can print off a copy of the e-mail and attach it to their signed Access to Work claim form and send it into Access Work via the normal postal method.
  2. Acknowledging that not all Access to Work customers will have access to a printer, Access to Work has set up an email address which customers or their employer can forward that email confirmation to, instead of attaching it to the claim form. This email address is

However, once the Access to Work customer has submitted the e-mail confirmation they would still need to complete the claim form in the normal way attaching all supporting information, sign the claim form and submit to Access to Work via post. This does however cause an issue for those who do not have access to a printer.