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GP? Optician? A&E? Visit the Eye Care Wales website for advice on where to seek help with eye problems.

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The Wales Council of the Blind team is responsible for gathering and distributing information to the vision impairment sector throughout Wales.

We do this through this website, through our Roundup newsletter, social media, at our conferences and through various fora and working groups.

For more information or further enquiries please contact Richard Bowers at Wales Council of the Blind via or telephone 029 20 473954.

Recent reports and publications.

High levels of anxiety in patients receiving wet AMD treatment

Holidays, play & leisure guide for parents of disabled children

Talking to your child about sight loss - new guide from RNIB

RNIB Cymru Local Authority Manifesto 2017

'Being disabled in Britain - a journey less equal'

'Working with blind & partially sighted colleagues' - RNIB Guide

'Filling the gap where patients used to fall": Report on the impact of ECLOs

Homes for people with learning disabilities and sight loss - new guide from RNIB Cymru

Disability Wales presents report on disability rights to UN committee

Experiences of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for people with sensory loss

BBS produce guide to vision impaired equestrian sport

Eye health awareness in the black and minority ethnic communities in Wales

Report claims that UK is failing on disability rights

RNIB Scotland updates 'Sight loss and dementia' leaflet

Voting still inaccessible for many vision impaired people

Review of opthalmology services published

Report highlights the additional costs which vision impaired pensioners face

Vision 2020's Dementia factsheets updated

'Shaping the Future' report from the UK Vision Strategy

New guides for Welsh social services professionals and housing providers

European Blind Union produces Clear Print Guidelines

Wales Vision Strategy - Key achievements for 2015/16 published

Design and Low Vision Aids  – A Youth Perspective

Update on MegaFOCUS Project

Welsh Government publishes updated Diabetes Delivery Plan

Museums must improve website access information for vi visitors

New research: Understanding the needs of older people with vision impairment

When your disabled child turns 16 - new guide from Contact a Family

Patients' experience of eye care in Wales - survey results published

Sight loss, dementia and meaningful activity

Driving down the extra costs disabled people face - final report

'Small Changes, Big Difference' - making sport more accessible for vi women

Deafblind people face significant barriers when looking for work

The State of the Nation - Eye Health 2016

How Accessible is Access to Work in Wales?

RNIB publishes latest evidence-based reviews

Wobbly eyes booklet

Sense report on equal access to healthcare

Assistive & Inclusive Home Technology Guide from Pocklington Trust

New eye drop fact sheet produced

10 principles of good practice in vision rehabilitation

Parents guide to vision impairment from RNIB

Report calls for more funding for research into AMD

People with sight loss have an increased risk of depression

Wales Eye Care Statistics for 2015/16 published

Management of glaucoma patients in care homes: new research

Retinoblastoma information for children and young people

Practical guide to implementing the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 for deafblind people

Lords report on Equality Act find that needs of disabled people are ignored

BBS produce 'Guide to VI friendly sport'

Booklet raises awareness of eye health issues

Improving later life for people with sight loss

Disability discrimination - key points for the workplace

'My Voice 2015' - views and experiences of blind and partially sighted people in the UK

Visual problems after stroke

How can care homes support people with sight loss?

Eye care is a public health priority in Wales

Career guide for disabled students, by disabled students

UK Government report on disabled spectators and sporting event accessibility

Tips for disabled travellers from the Equality & Human Rights Commission

It All Adds Up

Sensory Loss: Know your healthcare rights

Latest eye care statistics for Wales released

Living with sight loss - new report raises concerns

Managing payments when you can't get to the bank

Welsh NHS still not meeting communication needs of people with sensory loss

Overcoming barriers to sports participation - research from BBS

Sight loss linked to higher living costs

Wales Vision Strategy for 2014-2018 launched

New guidance on CHARGE syndrome from Sense

New research makes the case for increased funding in the eye care sector

Booklet will help hospital staff with deafblind patients

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