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About Wales Council of the Blind

"I have found all my contacts with WCB over the years to be so useful and professional." - Rehabilitation Officer for VI.

Wales Council of the Blind is the umbrella agency representing vision impairment within Wales. We work to campaign, lobby and support the improvement of services for people with sight loss. WCB provides a platform vision impaired people to raise their concerns and wishes.

WCB's Articles of Association sets out a way of letting their members contribute to setting priorities and work streams. An important part of the new structure is the creation of Regional Steering Groups to inform WCB's work. The four new Regional Steering Groups will be established across Wales, covering North, West, South East and South Central.

Each group intends to offer a platform for local clubs, charities, statutory services and people with sight loss to get together and contribute to directing the work and resources of WCB. It's likely that priorities may vary from region to region, and we want that to be reflected in the work of WCB.

WCB's Board of Trustees will include four representatives - one nominated from each of the four regional steering groups - to bring the views of the regions to the table.

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SenCom service in Gwent - Update

Following further talks with Welsh Government, and the offer of financial support through the Welsh Local Government Association to develop a more sustainable regional model, Newport City Council has offered to extend the withdrawal notice from the joint Gwent SenCom service, which supports children with sensory loss, until March 2020.

This decision to defer withdrawal has been given a cautious welcome by Wales Council of the Blind, RNIB Cymru and parents, who had challenged the initial proposal.

You can read Newport CC's statement on their website, and read the reactions of the sight loss sector and parents in a report by the South Wales Argus here.

Newport withdrawing from SenCom service in Gwent

Newport County Council plans to withdraw from the SenCom service that supports children with sensory loss in Gwent. The sector has written to challenge this decision.

The key points are:

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