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Our page giving Coronavirus/Covid-19 information and support.

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Wales Council of the Blind is the umbrella agency representing vision impairment within Wales. We work to campaign, lobby and support the improvement of services for people with sight loss. [Read more...]

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Voice message in Swansea Bay spreading false information.

Swansea Bay NHS has become aware of some scaremongering falsehoods circulating in a voice message. The field hospitals being built in the Swansea Bay area, and all over the UK, are there to help support the main hospitals which don't have the capacity to deal with the numbers of patients coming their way in the next few weeks.

Please disregard the nonsense being spouted in this irresponsible voice message.

If you want to find out the facts about Swansea Bay's field hospitals, go here: Swansea Bay NHS Wales News: field hospitals.

If you want to know more about the rest of the things being done to prepare for COVID-19 across all their hospitals, go here: Swansea Bay gets ready.

Welsh Government issuing letters to most vulnerable.

Letters to individuals identified as in need of shielding are being sent out this week. Accessible formats are being produced.

Only the most vulnerable people should expect a "shielding letter" from the Welsh Government, Wales' health minister has said.

Vaughan Gething said there had been “some confusion” around who would be written to as part of the government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Speaking on BBC Radio Wales’ Breakfast with Claire Summers programme, Mr Gething said 81,000 people across Wales had been identified as needing a letter.

The document will allow them to access certain support services, including food delivery.

Mr Gething urged people still waiting for a letter to arrive to wait until the end of the week. However he also warned some of those thinking they should be getting a letter that they won’t necessarily receive one. “If people say, ‘I feel vulnerable, I want a letter’, that isn’t the basis on which those letters are going out.” [Source: BBC Wales News]

Accessible communication advice for health workers

A number of organisations in England have put together advice on communications needs during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have been asked to work on a Wales-specific version which we shall post up in due course.

In the meantime, here is the English version in Word format and in PDF format.

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