Cymdeithas Ceredigion i'r Deillion

About the Organisation

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Cymdeithas Ceredigion i’r Deillion (Cardiganshire Association for the Blind) is a registered charity (Charity No. 233171). Its Charitable Objects are to promote the welfare of blind, partially sighted and visually impaired persons, and the prevention of blindness.

The Association, which was founded in 1920, is now known informally as the Ceredigion Association for the Blind, to accord with the current name of the county it serves.

Over the years the services provided by the Association have varied to meet the needs of the time. These are some of the ways in which the Ceredigion Association for the Blind currently helps visually impaired people in Ceredigion:

The Association’s income is generated from a variety of sources, including bequests, donations, fund raising and investment income. Donations to the Association should be sent to the Treasurer (see details on Executive Committee page).

For the latest Annual Report, please contact The Secretary, c/o Rebecca Phillips, Wales Council of the Blind