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BBC Wales 'Talk Disability' programmes

BBC Wales has launched ‘Talk Disability’, twelve months of programmes, initiatives and content designed to inspire conversations about disability across Wales. It will also include new BBC Wales traineeships specifically for people with disabilities, created in partnership with Disability Wales.

One of the issues that ‘Talk Disability’ is intended to address is that one in four people say that they avoid talking to disabled people and 46% of people worry about talking to disabled people. The 'Talk Disability' website has advice and guidance on how to get conversations started without the fear of saying the wrong thing (produced with guidance from Disability Wales).

As part of Talk Disability, a series of short films from new filmmakers that explore the theme of non-visible disabilities has been produced. These include a disabled-led TV comedy pilot 'The i-Word' , which features Jake Sawyers (a member of UCAN), who is vision impaired and wheelchair user Emily Nicole Roberts, and 'How this blind girl...', featuring another UCAN member, Mared Jarman.

You can find out more, and access all the programmes on the 'Talk Disability' website. For the BBC Cymru Wales announcement giving the background to ‘Talk Disability’, click here.