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Nystagmus Awareness Day – 20th June 2022

Nystagmus Awareness Day is the annual event that aims to spread the word about this condition, so that adults and children who have nystagmus will get the help, support and services they need in education, employment, health, mobility and leisure and will enjoy a better quality of life.

This year, Nystagmus Network (NN) is asking supporters to ‘Step up for Nystagmus’ by raising funds – to read their suggestions for doing this, click here.

NN is the organisation that provides information and support to people with the condition, their families and professionals working with them, and funds research. Support includes:

You can find out more about Nystagmus Network on their website.

You can read a series of articles that give a personal account of what it is like to live with nystagmus, 'What we See' on the CVI Society website.

Follow #StepUp4Nystagmus on Twitter for more information about the event.

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