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'Tech for All' - Free devices for all children with sight loss from Guide Dogs

The Guide Dogs Tech for All initiative is the charity's commitment to make sure children with a vision impairment in the UK have access to an Apple iPad to use outside of school.

Guide Dogs know how important these devices are to a child’s development - both to support learning at home or just to have fun and explore the activities and interests they enjoy. That’s why they are providing free iPads to children and young people with a vision impairment, aged 3-18.

While technology in schools remains the responsibility of local authorities, it’s important for children with sight loss to also have their own device at home. With excellent assistive technology built-in as standard, such as screen magnification, voiceover and audio descriptions, an iPad can break down barriers and make many activities easier, like reading in larger fonts, magnifying photos and keeping in touch with friends.

With the help of these devices children can independently play their favourite games, read and watch stories and shows, and connect with family and friends in the format that works best for them. These simple things can provide a sense of normality and independence that makes a huge difference to a child’s confidence and wellbeing.

The Guide Dogs website also provides digital learning resources to make sure children can get the most out of their device. This includes guidance on setting up your iPad and its accessibility features, as well as advice on additional apps to help with vision impairments. The resources also include help on how to use iMovie, Garageband, Clips, and more, so that your child can make the most of everything on offer. These digital learning resources can be accessed, by anyone, not just recipients of our iPads.

The Guide Dogs charity has 2,500 iPads available in 2022 and these devices are completely free of charge. The only requirement is proof of vision impairment for your child (please see our terms and conditions for a list of suggested documents).

To find out more or to apply today please click here.

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