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Changes to street layout causing concerns for people with sight loss.

Across the UK, changes to street layouts, and the increasing use of e-scooters are causing real problems for people with sight loss. A new report from RNIB summarises the concerns, and in Cardiff, Wales Online has highlighted the dangers posed by pop-up cycle lanes which have appeared in the city.

RNIB's report 'Seeing streets differently: How changes to our streets and vehicles are affecting the lives of blind and partially sighted people' looks in detail at the problems, and uses the results of a survey of blind and partially sighted people. Although its recommendations are primarily addressed at the Department for Transport and are England-specific, much of the information applies equally for the rest of the UK. You can find out more and read the full report here.

The design of new cycle lanes by Cardiff City Council has resulted in passengers alighting at a bus stop walking straight into a cycle lane, putting themselves in danger. You can find out more in an article in Wales Online here.

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