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RNIB Employment and Benefits survey

The UK Government is running a consultation on 'Shaping future support: The Health and Disability Green Paper', which aims to explore how the benefits system can better meet the needs of disabled people and people with health conditions now and in the future, to build a system that enables people to live independently and move into work where possible. RNIB is asking people with sight loss to complete a survey on their experiences of claiming benefits and employment support which will be used to inform their response to the consultation.

You can find out more, and complete RNIB's survey here. If you require any assistance completing the survey, please send an email to or call the helpline on 0303 123 9999. The survey will be open until Sunday 12th September.

You can read the consultation document itself on the UK Government website, which includes information on how to obtain copies in alternative formats. Individuals can respond to the consultation directly if they choose, in which case the closing date is 11th October.

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