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Census 2021 - Information in accessible formats

Census Day was Sunday 21st March 2021 in Wales and England. The results of the survey, which is conducted every ten years, are used by organisations such as local authorities and charities to plan services. A range of accessible formats and other support is available to help you find out about the census and complete it.

In March you will receive a letter that will tell you everything you need to know about how to complete Census2021 online, but paper copies of the census are available if you need it. There is a free telephone contact point for people in Wales (available in English or Welsh), the number is 0800 169 2021.

You can also request that the code you need to complete the census is sent to you via text message. There is more information about this change, which has been made following campaigning by sight loss charities, on the Pocklington Trust website.

For information about how to request information in accessible formats including braille and large print, click here.

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