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New Welsh Government Benefit Take-up Initiative: Free training for front line workers

Tens of millions of pounds in benefits and other help currently goes unclaimed in Wales: money which can make a real difference in families’ lives. The Dangos project is a new Welsh Government funded initiative which aims to increase knowledge and awareness about the availability of help in frontline workers (paid or volunteers) who are in day-to-day contact with families who might need extra help.

This could include people working in libraries, food banks or GP's surgeries, third sector volunteers or support workers. Free online training is now being offered to these people. It is not to turn them into benefit experts or advisers, just to give them some more knowledge and information about what help there is and some tips in encouraging people to take up their rights.

Sessions last for three hours, and are delivered in English and Welsh. You can find out more about Dangos and book a place here.

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