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RNIB Living with Sight Loss courses

Join one of RNIB's 'Living with Sight Loss' courses to meet and share experiences with other people in similar situations. It is an opportunity to boost your confidence and get practical advice, information and resources.

Free and informal Living with Sight Loss courses aim to help you increase your independence, boost your confidence and connect with others to share experiences. Through the sessions, you'll receive practical advice, information and guidance on organisations, products and services that are available to help you. You'll also have the chance to learn from each other's personal experiences and share top tips.

Living with Sight Loss courses are for adults of all ages, including friends, family members and anyone who is close to you. Each course includes information and advice on a variety of topics, including:

Courses last for six sessions, and are starting on the following dates:

National Video (via Teams):
  • 26th January, 10.30am – (reserved for online bookings)
  • 28th January, 14:00pm
  • To book visit the RNIB website. For further information please email or call 0303 123 9999. Once it's safe to do so, UK-wide face-to-face courses will be resumed.

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