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Alström Syndrome UK events

Alström Syndrome UK will hold a virtual Annual General Meeting on 18th November, and a virtual global conference on 4th and 5th December.

To find out more about the AGM and book a place, click here.

The Global Conference will consist of a Scientific Symposium, providing research and clinical updates for professionals and families on 4th December, and AS Global Conference, bringing the Alström community together to share experiences on 5th December. For more information and to register for the two events, click here.

Alström Syndrome is an ultra rare, recessively inherited genetic disorder, which means that both parents will carry the gene although probably be unaffected themselves. It can affect many aspects of health including vision and hearing. Alström Syndrome UK, the organisation which supports families affected by the condition, has produced a short animation to raise awareness, which you can watch here.

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