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The restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have not gone away, and seem set to remain in various forms for quite some time. We at WCB are concerned that blind and partially sighted people face additional barriers and attitudinal challenges to combat. Therefore we want to ensure that the best information gets out to people with sight loss and to people who work with them.

WCB shall produce information packs and online resources to assist people with sight loss in negotiating the measures put in place under the Covid-19 pandemic. We shall look at a number of domains:

Education and Employment are being dealt with first because they are immediately pressing topics that have not been dealt with in as much depth as the other areas.

How you can help us: We want to know what the specific measures are in place across the various areas of education and, importantly, what the impacts might be for blind and partially sighted people. What adjustments are necessary to enable people with sight loss to overcome these impacts and participate fully in education? Do you have any stories to tell about problems faced and solutions reached? If you can help, please email or telephone Owen on 02920 473954.

This initiative has been made possible with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

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