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The University of Bristol would like to hear your views on 'smart' research.

The University of Bristol is researching people's views on 'smart' research on public-access campuses and what this means for the future of research ethics.

The University is currently building a new research campus in Bristol city centre--one of the first 'smart' campuses in the UK. As well as offering public spaces, community facilities, and a programme of public events, the campus will use the latest 'smart' technologies—such as cameras, sensors and location trackers—to capture people's data for research.

They are having conversations with different communities to explore people's thoughts and concerns about visiting or working a campus conducting 'smart' research. They are keen to hear what universities doing 'smart' research might do to build trust in the community and to create an inclusive space, where people feel safe and are keen to contribute to research, and are hoping you'll be willing to take part in a group discussion (via phone or zoom).

No expertise in smart tech, data or data ethics is needed to take part; everyone's perspectives and questions are helpful. Insights from these conversations will inform how the University ensures its research is safe, fair and respectful and will highlight how the U.K. universities and their wider communities might co-design research ethics.

Contact if you are interested in taking part.

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