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Vision Support has identified their top 5 mindfulness apps

The team at Vision Support has identified their top 5 mindfulness apps:

1) Headspace (seven day free trial, subscription) - Chances are that if you are at all interested in mindfulness apps, you will have heard of this one. Headspace is worth mentioning, however, because of its large variety of features and its colourful, user-friendly design.

2) Moodfit (Free) - This great app allows you to track moods, set goals and complete tasks to help your physical and emotional wellbeing. It encourages a proactive approach while still focusing on self-compassion. It also features a bold, simple design.

3) The Mindfulness App (Free with in-app purchases) - A good alternative to Headspace, the Mindfulness App can be synched with Apple Health for a more integrated way of keeping on top of your wellbeing.

4) Ten Percent Happier (Free with in-app purchases) - Designed ‘for the sceptics’, this is a self-help app that focuses on small steps toward emotional wellbeing. It features a minimalistic interface and is easy to set up.

5) Breethe (Free with in-app purchases) - Now with features designed to help you during lockdown, this app allows you to tailor your wellbeing goals with a variety of relaxing ambient sounds and guided meditations.

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