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Services from Vision Support during Covid-19 pandemic

During Covid-19, Vision Support have been continuing with many services by telephone, including digital support. Staff are available on the phone to talk to you and ensure that you remain connected to your local community and to the charity.

All of the Vision Support staff have telephones and technology so you can stay in touch and they are here to answer your enquiries. Let’s keep talking during this difficult time. Please either give Vision Support a call on 01244 381515, Email: or get in touch on social media pages Facebook: Twitter

What Vision Support are providing:

Vision Support will continue to liaise with all other organisations to provide the best support for service users. Telephone 01244 381515 or email Vision Support exists to support vision impaired people and raise awareness of their needs. It is a regional charity established in 1876, and operates in many parts of North Wales and Cheshire.

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